Should You Buy or Lease?

Your average mileage, down-payment, monthly payment and financing options are all factors that help determine whether leasing or buying is the best financial choice for you. Fleet Auto Brokers has the expertise and information necessary to help you decide whether leasing or buying is most beneficial in your particular situation.

I will sit down with you and explain all of the pros and cons of buying and leasing. I will ask you some very simple questions so we can determine which option is best for you. I will show why you should only lease certain makes and models and why this can be a very simple decision after you have all of the facts. Remember, let experience work for you.

Wayne Barger - Fleet Auto Brokers         

Business owners are also invited to discuss your commercial vehicle, business passengar car and trade-in concerns with us. We can help you to find the fleet that carries your company toward success and ensure your employees are on the road and ready to go with reliable transportation and dedicated service-after-the-sale behind every purchase.